Fifty5 Clothing is pleased to announce the launch of it's Luxe Collection, transforming the world of eco-friendly fashion into a high-end experience.

Eco-Hybrid™, is the finest eco-cotton blends available, offering a quality found in designer brands. The 100% natural, synthetic-free fabric is created from a special blend of premium combed cotton and Lenzing Modal® fibers, then finished through a proprietary treatment process. This blend produces fabric combining the best of both worlds: cotton's strength and durability with Modal's heavenly softness. The eco-friendly fabric is 100% biodegradable and made from sustainable Beech Tree. Even after repeated washings, Eco-Hybrid remains soft and retains its structure. The fabric is garment dyed and pre-washed, providing a soft, vintage look to meet consumer demand.

The Luxe Collection also offers the MicroModal® fabric, the world's softest eco-fiber. This is made from an extra-fine Modal fiber, making apparel exceptionally light and silky soft. The fabric nearly shines, and its feather-light feel creates a fantastic drape.  

What sets the Luxe Collection apart is the fit and feel of both fabrics. The clothing is incredibly soft and silky, with a luxurious touch that stands apart from many designer brands.